[News] Forecast Clear For The Second Act of Lee Jung Jin's Acting Life.

[News] Forecast Clear For The Second Act of Lee Jung Jin's Acting Life.
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Actor Lee Jung-jin made his return to the first drama in 2 years through his role in ‘Hundred Years’ Inheritance’.

Lee Jung-jin, on the MBC ‘Hundred Years’ Inheritance’ on January 5th, appeared as the male lead Lee Se-yoon.

His drama appearance is the first in 2 years since his last drama ‘Fugitive Plan B.’ on 2010. Making his mark with Kim Ki-duk’s ‘Pieta’, he recently signed a contract with the JYP Entertainment, making the year 2012 a significant turning point of his acting career.

Lee Se-yoon, his role, is the cynical and difficult scion and the only child of a chaebol family. An aggressive and cold individual, his demeanor stems from his loss of his girlfriend and his sense of taste in an accident. He will have a change of heart in the drama, opening up to the lead Chae-won (Eugene).

Lee Jung-jin’s dandy and tall appearance and charisma has been cited as the deciding factor of the actor’s appearance. With the lead role in both ‘Pieta’ and ‘Wonderful Radio’ of 2012, his acting ability has been discussed to have underwent a renaissance.

Choosing a 50-episode long drama over many other movies and dramas is also seen as a part of his efforts to continue his growth.

His growth is further expected to grow after the actor moved to his longtime friend Park Jin Young’s JYP Entertainment. The agency is expected to increase the scope of the actor’s performances, making the actor’s future all and better.

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