[News] Jang Nara′s Agency Says Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil Are Not Dating.

[News] Jang Nara′s Agency Says Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil Are Not Dating. 
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Jang Nara′s agency denied rumors that the singer-turned-actress is dating actor Kim Nam Gil.
The rumors gained strength when an actor uploaded a suspicious post. Kim Young Chun, an actor who appears in KBS2′s School 2013, wrote on his me2day on January 1, "Kim Nam Gil hyungnim (big brother) visited the set today and paid for a food truck in celebration of Jang Nara nuna′s (big sister) Excellence Award [at the Drama Awards]."

A photo attached to the text showed him posing with Kim Nam Gil.

At the 2012 KBS Drama Awards held on December 31, Jang Nara won the Female Excellence Award in the mini-series division.

Netizens pounced on the post, as Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil had never shown they were close anywhere else and it made them wonder why Kim Nam Gil was celebrating Jang Nara′s win. They started to conclude that the two were probably dating each other.

A rep from Narajjang.com, Jang Nara′s agency, however, told enews on January 2, "We know that the two are close friends. They′re simply close as seniors and juniors; they′re not lovers, like most seem to think. They′re actually pretty awkward around each other because they′re so polite."

Kim Young Chun deleted the controversial post when it continued to rank in the keyword search charts of portals.

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