[News] Jeon Do Yeon and Go Soo Cast For ‘The Way Home’.

[News] Jeon Do Yeon and Go Soo Cast For ‘The Way Home’.
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Jeon Do Yeon and Go Soo have been cast together for a movie.

According to producers for the movie The Way Home, both actors have been confirmed as the movie’s leads and will begin shooting on January 26.

Jeon Do Yeon and Go Soo will play a married couple, whose family undergoes a series of disastrous events before coming to be reunited once more.

Jeon Do Yeon stars as Song Jung Yeon who fights with the world and herself from the other side of the world to return to her family while Go Soo stars as Lim Jong Bae who does all he can to rescue his wife.

Song Jung Yeon is an ordinary mother and housewife who is fooled by an acquaintance of her husband into unknowingly carrying illegal drugs.

In an airport in France, she is apprehended by the police and is sent to a prison, unable to communicate with anyone around her. It takes her three years to be able to return to her family, during which, Lim Jong Bae does all he can to fight for her return.

The agency added that Jeon Do Yeon was first on its list for the lead female role and said it fully believed Go Soo would show a new side of himself through his role as well.

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