[News] Jackie Chan to Come to Korea to Promote ′Chinese Zodiac′.

[News] Jackie Chan to Come to Korea to Promote ′Chinese Zodiac′.
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Jackie Chan will be coming to Korea in February to promote his new movie.

The famed action star will visit Korea next month to promote his movie Chinese Zodiac.

The movie was produced by and stars Jackie Chan himself and also stars Kwon Sang Woo and Yoo Seung Joon. Many are especially curious to see if Jackie Chan will mention his close friend Yoo Seung Jun during the promotions here as the singer/actor has been barred from entering Korea since 2002 because of problems with his military service.

Chinese Zodiac already premiered in China on December 20 to huge success and made it into the 11th highest grossing movie in China in 2012 in just 11 days.

The movie will premiere in Korea on February 21.

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