[News] Choi Jin Shil’s ex-husband Jo Sung Min commits suicide.

[News] Choi Jin Shil’s ex-husband Jo Sung Min commits suicide.
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The late Choi Jin Shil‘s ex-husband Jo Sung Min has committed suicide.

Recall that Choi Jin Sil committed suicide in October 2008, and her brother also did the same in May 2010. The tragedy is followed by yet another suicide. Jo Sung Min was found hanged in his girlfriend’s apartment.

Though the police are still investigating the matter, as of now, it seems Choi Jin Sil’s children have lost another dear one to suicide.

Jo Sung Min had long suffered from hate comments ever since his wife’s death. Not only that, he used to be an excellent baseball player, but suffered various problems through injury. Many pitied his life, but also lamented for the two children he left behind.

Just a few days ago, the children Hwanhee and Junhee had thanked comedian Lee Young Ja for taking good care of them, showing bright smiles on screen.

Our hearts go out to Hwanhee and Junhee, and everyone else who were affected by this devastating news.

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