[News] Jerry Yan lets Lin Chiling go.

[News] Jerry Yan lets Lin Chiling go.
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Jerry Yan's sincerity in wishing ex-girlfriend Lin Chiling a blissful marriage in the future has been interpreted by the Chinese media as being finally able to let go of the celebrity model.

"A really great girl like her must have a lot of pursuers. I hope she will meet someone who will treat her well, who is good enough for her to settle down with and have children," the actor said at the Taiwan premiere of "Ripples of Desire".

The Jerry-Chiling-Qiu Shikai love triangle has never ceased being the topic of the media, even after it has been confirmed that Jerry and Chiling have long broken up.

Chiling has been rumoured to be dating businessman Shikai as well as having an on again-off again relationship with Jerry, causing the whole fiasco to be a never-ending story.

But things seem to be able to finally come to a stop with Jerry professing his best wishes to his ex.

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