[News] Jun Ji Hyun reported to have suffered a facial injury while filming ‘Berlin’.

[News] Jun Ji Hyun reported to have suffered a facial injury while filming ‘Berlin’.
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It has been belatedly revealed that Jun Ji Hyun suffered an injury to her face while filming ‘Berlin‘.

The movie ‘Berlin’ centers around secret agents whose targets are each other. Each secret agent lives in Berlin, and it is a large-scale action project in which Jun Ji Hyun plays Yeon Jung Hee, a translator. Jun Ji Hyun went through dangerous action scenes for the movie and it was during one of these scenes that the actress was injured.

She had previously worked with wires on ‘The Thieves‘. In ‘Berlin’, she also used them expertly even to perform extremely difficult moves, surprising the entire set.

The movie representative revealed, “Because it is a large-scale action project, there are many upgraded action scenes such as larger-scale shooting scenes. There were continuous action scenes that the actors had difficulty performing. There was especially this large-scale shooting scene where shells were flying all over the place. During the scene, a shell got embedded in Jun Ji Hyun’s face. However, she just continued on filming after extracting the shell. She was very professional,” praising the actress.
‘Berlin’ will start playing on the 31st.

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