[News] Lee Hyun Woo Starts a Weibo Account.

[News] Lee Hyun Woo Starts a Weibo Account. 
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Lee Hyun Woo is looking to become closer with his fans in China.

The actor recently opened up his own personal Weibo account. Since starring in recent dramas such as To the Beautiful You, the young actor has steadily been gaining a fan base not only in Korea but abroad in Japan and China as well.

In particular, despite Lee Hyun Woo not doing any promoting in China, interest in the young actor is quite high, making many speculate he may be one of the stars to bring the next wave of hallyu.

Responding to the interest, Lee Hyun Woo launched his Weibo account on January 2 which was quickly followed by tens of thousands of people in hours.

The actor also took part in a Weibo chat session with fans on January 4 where he answered questions from fans on everything from his ideal type to his future plans in China.

If you have a Weibo account, you can follow Lee Hyun Woo here.

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