[News] Lee Jong Seok’s Fans Send Coffee and Snacks to ‘School 2013’.

[News]  Lee Jong Seok’s Fans Send Coffee and Snacks to ‘School 2013’.
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With KBS’ School 2013 wrapping up, fans are making sure Lee Jong Seok and the staff are being taken care of until the very end.

On January 23, the fans of Lee Jong Seok’s DC Inside Gallery visited the set of School 2013 with 150 individually packed snack bags. Also on set was a coffee truck, ready to serve 10 different kinds of coffee to the hardworking cast and crew.

Each person on set received a special mug with “It’s beautiful if you look closely. It’s lovable if you look for a long time. You are like that too. Flower, School 2013” written on it. The poem, written by poet Na Tae Joo, was a highlighted scene in the drama.

On all the love he’s received throughout the drama filming process, Lee Jong Seok said, “I’m so thankful to have received so much love living as Nam Soon, but I’m not sure what to do with so many fans giving me big presents. The only thing that comes to mind is to continue working hard. I will do my best to become an actor who does not disappoint all the people who’ve liked and supported me. ” 

Focusing on the social issues about students and education, School 2013 will be closing up its curtains on January 28. A drama special will air on January 29.

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