[News] Lee Min-ho sincerely thought about "Friend 2".

[News] Lee Min-ho sincerely thought about "Friend 2".
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Actor Lee Min-ho declined to be in "Friend 2".

His agency told a media, "Matter in scheduling made him decline the offer for "Friend 2" after deep thought".

Lee Min-ho previously was offered the role of Jang Dong-gun's (Dong-soo) son in the movie "Friend 2" by Gwak Kyeong-taek.

Lee Min-ho has opened all possibilities of a movie or drama since he hasn't been active with anything since the 2008 movie "Our School E.T".

Meanwhile, "Friend 2" will continue the story of the sons of Dong-soo (Jang Dong-gun) and Joon-seok (Yoo Oh-seong) who kills Dong-soo when he is out of prison.

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