[News] Lee Si Young discusses her passion for boxing with ‘Section TV’.

[News] Lee Si Young discusses her passion for boxing with ‘Section TV’.
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Actress Lee Si Young discussed her passion as well as her likes and dislikes about boxing, a sport she’s been competing in.

In an interview with ‘Section TV‘, when asked what is one perk associated with boxing, the actress responded, “You need a lot of carbohydrates for boxing. I really like bread and tteokbokki, and you’re allowed to eat that for boxing. That’s why I like it.

She also revealed where she gets her motivation and why she continues to box: “When I lost in the semifinals, I felt that it was a great match no matter what the outcomes were. The match made me think that I had to improve from now on.

As she is an actress after all and injuries to her face can potentially harm her career, she was also questioned about whether she was worried about injuries. She answered, “As my opponent gets stronger, I get more worried about injuring my face. But that just means I have to practice even harder at boxing.

Previously, the actress had made it into the semifinals for the ‘2013 Boxing National Championships’, but had unfortunately lost in the match, missing out on the finals.

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