[News] The only thing Won Bin doesn’t have.

[News] The only thing Won Bin doesn’t have.
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It’s recently been found out that actor Won Bin is not a perfect person.

A picture was recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “The only thing Won Bin doesn’t have.”

Along with the picture, the person who uploaded it wrote an anecdote about Won Bin and his fan.

According her, a fan of Won Bin once wrote, “I love you, Won Bin ♥♥,” on the official fan cafe of Won Bin. At this, Won Bin responded, “I love you, too. How do I type the heart shapes?” as he couldn’t find a heart emoticon.

People who read the comment responded: “Won Bin is so cute.” “I guess Won Bin doesn’t really spend time on the Internet.” “She’s so lucky to receive a reply from Won Bin.”

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