[News] Park Bo Young celebrates the debut of Speed.

[News] Park Bo Young celebrates the debut of Speed.
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Actress Park Bo Young recently left a cheering message for the new singing group Speed.

On January 7, Park uploaded a picture of herself with a message on her official website to celebrate the debut of Speed.

In the picture, Park is holding a paper that writes, “Congratulations for your debut, Speed ♡,” showing off an innocent look.

Park once left a message to the group, asking to buy her a nice dinner after making a hit.

People who saw the picture and the message responded: “Park Bo Young is getting prettier.” “I’ll look forward to Speed’s music and music video.” “I hope Park Bo Young and Speed both become successful.”

“Sad Promise,” a debut song of Speed, in which Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung was featured as a vocalist, will be released on January 8 at noon.

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