[News] Park Jin-young loses plagiarism appeal.

[News] Park Jin-young loses plagiarism appeal.
Cr. - Joongang Ilbo

Park Jin-young has lost his appeal in the case where he was accused of plagiarizing an original work by singer-songwriter Kim Sin-il.

The Seoul High Court ruled yesterday that the music mogul must compensate Kim to the tune of 56,930,710 won ($53,558) for ripping off the song “To My Man,” which Kim wrote for singer Ash in 2005.

The court said Kim deserved to be paid for profit from the song “Someday” which Park wrote for IU for the drama “Dream High.”

Kim brought the case against Park in 2011 when the TV show aired the song which sounded like his work. Kim asked for 110 million won in damages.

At the first trial, the court sided with Kim but readjusted the compensation to 21.67 million won.

Park then asked for a retrial, saying he never copied Kim’s song and “it’d be like suicide to plagiarize another person’s work.”

Park is the founder and chief executive of JYP Entertainment, a major artist management and record production company.

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