[News] Ricky Kim to appear on KBS 2′s popular comedy show.

[News] Ricky Kim to appear on KBS 2′s popular comedy show.
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It has recently come into light that Ricky Kim will make a surprise appearance on KBS 2’s Gag Concert. On January 16, the actor tweeted a photo with the comment “To be continued . . .” The picture shows a sign that indicates the name of an individual cast member posted on the door of a dressing room in the KBS building.

It shows the logo of Gag Concert with Ricky Kim’s name below it, which implies that he took part in the shooting of the show. Gag Concert is shot every Wednesday night, so people are pretty sure that Ricky Kim is in it.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “In which segment will he be?” “Is he going to appear in the segment called ‘Discovery of Life’?” “I want to see the broadcast soon.” “I’m so looking forward to Ricky Kim demonstrating his sense of humor on the show.”

In the meantime, the actor is scheduled to leave Korea on January 22 for a shooting of SBS’s Sunday’s Good-Law of the Jungle 2 that will feature New Zealand.

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