[News] Kim Bum invited by the Royal Thai's.

[News] Kim Bum invited by the Royal Thai's. 
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Kim Bum was invited to a famous center opening ceremony in Thailand.

Kim Bum was the only Korean star being invited to the Siam Center Shopping Mall Grand Opening in Thailand on the 9th.

This day's event was attended by the Thai Princess and famous pop singers like Taio Cruz and actor Adrian Brody from the movie "King Kong", "Midnight In Paris" and other famous local celebrities and royalties.

Kim Bum, the one and only Korean star invited to this event was greeted the loudest by the crowd and more than 1,000 fans and media gathered around to see him.

A source says, "The crowd went wild to take pictures of him as if it was a photo zone. Over 20 bodyguards had to step in and take control of the situation. Kim Bum has been well known as a pretty boy actor and is constantly building his reputation in Thailand".

Meanwhile, Kim Bum takes on the role of Park Jin-seong in the upcoming SBS drama "Wind Blows in Winter".

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