[News] A sassy poster for Man Manual is released.

[News] A sassy poster for Man Manual is released.
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Recently, a poster for the movie Man Manual was revealed in public.

The production company for the movie revealed it on January 8, and the film stars Lee Si Young and Oh Jung Se. It is about a breathtaking, exciting love story of an ordinary girl Choi Bona (played by Lee Si Young) who does not have much sense of existence in this word learning how to date with the help of “Man Manual” and Dr. Swarovski (played by Park Young Kyu). She finally gets involved in romantic relationship with the top star Lee Seung Jae (played by Oh Jung Se).

The poster attracts attention with Lee Si Young’s odd, voluptuous pose. She is sitting with her legs wide apart and holding a giant video titled “Man Manual” at the center, giving a foresight to her character’s shocking change from an ordinary girl to a hot one.

Moreover, the actor Oh Jung Se is looking up to her in a pink suit, with a look full of complaint. It causes curiosity about their troublesome romantic story.

Expected to give satisfaction to all singles who desperately dream of sweet love story, Man Manual is to open in February.

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