[News] Which K-Pop Idol Turns into True Actress?

[News] Which K-Pop Idol Turns into True Actress?
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Many ‘singers turned actresses’ have been gaining attention lately.

These ‘singers’ are now becoming full on actresses with great skill that its hard to believe that they were once singers.

Yoon Eun Hye is now playing a role in the MBC drama, “I Miss You,” with JYJ member Yoochun. In the beginning, many people criticized them thinking that they would not do well in acting. However, their great acting skills allowed them to be acknowledged by the industry and the public.

Yoon Eun Hye has been known for her bright and cheery roles in dramas. However, she surprised fans with her new melodramatic acting skills.

Former Jewelry member Park Jung Ah is also showing off her great acting skills in the KBS drama, “My Daughter Seoyoung.”

Park Jung Ah had always shown her elegant style of acting in her previous dramas. In this drama, she shows her more rough side.

Singer Jang Nara also shows off her acting in the drama “School 2013.”

This drama has become one of the most watched dramas as of now and Jang Nara is able to show off her all her talents and skills through this drama.

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