[VOD / Photo & News] 'King of Lan Ling' Releases Official Poster.

[VOD / Photo & News] 'King of Lan Ling' Releases Official Poster.
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The upcoming period drama King of Lan Ling (Lan Ling Wang) with Ariel Lin, Feng Shao Feng, and Daniel Chan won’t air until Summer of 2013 but the production has been ever so generous with goodies.

A few long (and spoilery) trailers were released late last year which increased my interest in the drama immensely. It feels like a wuxia written for the female audience in mind, with Ariel’s character loved by three powerful and strong men, which is clearly a shameful fantasy some ladies must have entertained at one point or another. Recently the production released official character posters for the leader cast.

This drama is produced by the same folks who did 'Autumn’s Concerto' and 'Material Queen,' so pretty visuals and luxe costumes are a given.

The leader cast starring Ariel Lin – The Fated Goddess Yang Xue Wu, Feng Shao Feng – The Beautiful God of War the King of Lan Ling, Danial Chan – The Lonely Arrogant King Yu Wen Tuo, Huo Tian Ling – The Devious Crown Prince Gao Wei,  Wei Qian Xiang – The Bodyguard Han Xiao Dong.

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