[News] Cyndi Wang on reconciliation with Yao Yuan Hao: I was moved.

[News] Cyndi Wang on reconciliation with Yao Yuan Hao: I was moved.
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"I was moved by his promise to protect me," singer-actress Cyndi Wang shared at the backstage interview after her concert last weekend.

The 30-year-old artiste made her first public appearance after she was photographed sharing an intimate moment with Taiwanese actor Yao Yuan Hao on New Year's Eve.
Cyndi confessed to news on their reconciliation and mentioned she was touched by the latter's concern when she fell sick in November 2012.

She recalled, "[Yuan Hao's] friend would send chicken soup on his behalf."

When the pair met each other again last month, Cyndi broke down when Yuan Hao promised to "protect her". She was widely speculated as the third party when Yuan Hao announced his break up from model, Sonia Sui in February last year.

The Taiwanese singer-actress has since decided to give both of them another chance and they rekindled their relationship soon after.

Cyndi was unfazed towards the public's negative comments about the couple's relationship and mentioned, "I have no regrets. I'll bear the consequences."

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