[News] Tony Leung “complains” about filming woes.

[News] Tony Leung “complains” about filming woes.
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The Hong Kong actor intends to take a break after spending the last three years filming his upcoming action movie. 

The cast of upcoming Chinese action movie The Grandmaster scan now rejoice as the film is finally airing in cinemas after a three-year long production.

Tony Leung, who always appeared reserved, surprisingly “complained” non-stop about the hard times on set.

The Hong Kong actor recalled having to shoot at least 30 scenes under the rain, suffering from chronic bronchitis as aresult. Tony even had to rest in bed for five days before resuming work.

“We still continued filming even though the director [Wong Kar-wai] assured us twice that the movie has already wrapped up. I still can’t believe we have completed shooting right now.”

The 50-year-old also mentioned at the press conference that he would “take a break from filming” after he is done with all the movie’s promotional activities in April.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi shared the same sentiments as Tony, and expressedthatshe “felt cheated” after agreeing to star inThe Grandmasters.

She exclaimed, “The filming schedule is indefinite!”

Ziyi has since suffered many injuries as she had to practice various martial arts moves for the movie day and night.

“I’m too old to take up any more action movies from now on,” Ziyisaid.

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