[VOD & New] Sung Yu-ri Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Noona".

[VOD & New] Sung Yu-ri Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Noona".
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"Noona" upcoming Korean movie Trailer released leader cast starring by Sung Yu-ri.

Sung Yu-ri shows some range on the set of her latest film, Noona, directed by Lee Won-shik. She picked up the project knowing that an indie film wasn’t necessarily going to be a commercial success, but because she really wanted to stretch herself as an actress.

She portrays a character with a difficult life, as the sole caretaker for her family and the victim of domestic abuse. On this particular day, Sung spent twelve hours getting soaked in the rain, filming an intense crying scene.

The movie is based on a true story of a young woman who was drowning, and her younger brother who jumped in to save her, and died. She survives, and struggles with the aftermath. Though a small film, it’s a meaty role, and one that the industry anticipates will be her turning point as an actress.

The story of ‘Noona’ tells about the meeting of Yeon Hee who suffers from domestic violence, with a high school student. They share their feelings together as well as find healing and relief from each other.

It's a story of a waitress who was suffering from domestic violence; she eventually finds her true self by meeting a student. This movie won Supporting Preproduction Award in 7th Seoul Christian Film Festival (in 2009).

This movie is starring Sung Yu-ri as the main role.

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