[News] Jang Hyuk Says Every Moment He Spends Filming for ′Iris 2′ Puts Him in Danger.

[News] Jang Hyuk Says Every Moment He Spends Filming for ′Iris 2′ Puts Him in Danger. 
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Jang Hyuk says he′s always in danger while filming for Iris 2.

On February 7, Jang Hyuk attended the press conference for the upcoming KBS2 drama Iris 2 with his fellow cast, Taewon Entertainment rep Jung Tae Won and directors Pyo Min Soo and Kim Tae Hoon.
When asked about any dangerous moments he encountered while filming his action scenes, Jang Hyuk answered, "They tell me I′m good at action scenes and I′ve trained a long time in martial arts, but every moment in filming is dangerous. We′re always tense."

"I′m more interested not in expressing the technical issues, but rather, how persuasive the emotions of the scene will be," he added. "We had a lot of dangerous scenes in Iris 2 because there were many large-scale settings."

Jang Hyuk was even injured while filming the drama.

"I remember when I had to climb over a car that was running toward me, but my leg got caught and I was dragged along for a while," he recalled.

He finished, "The drama and the action scenes will all be lively, and we′ll work hard to showcase a great drama."

Jang Hyuk will appear as the team leader of NSS Task Force Asia, Jung Yoo Gun. He is very competitive, and is quick in his actions."

Iris 2 is a sequel to the original Iris that aired in 2009. It will start airing on February 13.

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