[News] Kuroki Meisa appears at a press conference for “Yae no Sakura”.

[News] Kuroki Meisa appears at a press conference for “Yae no Sakura”.
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On February 12th, actress Kuroki Meisa held a press conference for ongoing Taiga drama “Yae no Sakura” at the NHK broadcasting center. This is her first comeback drama after she gave birth to her daughter back in September, and she’s been participating in the filming for the drama starting on the 7th.

In the drama, Kuroki will play “Nakano Takeko“, a good rival for the protagonist “Yae” (played by Ayase Haruka). Nakano Takeko is a real person in history, who was known as a master-hand at Naginata (Japanese traditional pole weapons). She was said to be gifted with both intelligence and beauty, and she had a short life, but lived furiously.

Kuroki made an appearance at the press conference in costume for the role, and said, “Honestly, I feel no difference in my way of acting (compared to before childbirth), but I definitely can sympathize with Nakano Takeko-san’s thoughts that she wanted to protect something to the end at the risk of her life because I now have somebody I can risk my own life for in the real sense.”

Reportedly, a letter of encouragement was sent to the drama from a great‐great‐grandchild of Takeko’s younger sister Yuko. Kuroki commented with her strong determination, “I felt tense. I will play the role with my full effort, responsibly.”

Kuroki’s appearance on the drama will start from the 16th episode that is scheduled to be aired on April 21st.

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