[News] Kwon Sang Woo Misses ′Chinese Zodiac′ Press Conference Due to ′Yawang′ Filming.

[News] Kwon Sang Woo Misses ′Chinese Zodiac′ Press Conference Due to ′Yawang′ Filming.
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Yawang has been taking up all of Kwon Sang Woo′s time, even stopping him from attending a press conference for his upcoming film Chinese Zodiac.

This has led his agency rep to complain publicly about the conditions under which dramas are filmed.

On February 18, Kwon Sang Woo was due to attend the press conference for Chinese Zodiac. Though the event was scheduled to start at 4 p.m., Kwon Sang Woo never arrived, and only after waiting for 30 minutes did the event continue with the knowledge that Kwon Sang Woo would not be present.

At this, Lee Joo Young, head of Kwon Sang Woo′s agency Bel Actors, went onstage to say, "The filming for Yawang was supposed to end at 1 p.m., but a scene in which Kwon Sang Woo has to jump in the water while crying out in sorrow is taking a longer time than expected to film."

He added, "The scene has to be broadcast today, or tomorrow at the latest. All dramas are filmed like this. Kwon Sang Woo lodged his complaints against the producers of the drama, saying, ′It makes no sense that I can′t keep a promise I made with another side; I can′t go on like this.′"

He finished, "Dramas are hard put these days, Yawang in particular. We′re sorry we weren′t able to keep our promise. Please forgive us."

Chinese Zodiac is a film about treasure hunters who venture out to collect 12 bronze zodiac statues scattered across the world. Jackie Chan directed and produced the film, and even stars in it as the treasure hunter JC. Kwon Sang Woo appears as JC′s sidekick Simon.

The film premieres on February 28.

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