[News] Lee Byung Hun′s ′Masquerade′ Has Successful Release in Japan.

[News] Lee Byung Hun′s ′Masquerade′ Has Successful Release in Japan. 
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The overseas release of the movie Masquerade (The Man who Became King) in Japan kicked off with a good start.

With its release on February 16 in 90 theatres across Japan, Masquerade brought in 42,000 viewers, setting a record among recently released Korean movies in Japan.

Not only did it achieve the most favorable results among Korean movies in Japan, Masquerade also entered top 10 in Japan’s box office over the weekend.

According to Japan’s movie information site Pia on February 18, Masquerade scored the highest rating for the moviegoer’s satisfaction survey, competing against many Japanese movies in the box office.

The movie reviews read, “Lee Byung Hun’s double role in the movie seemed to be played by totally two different people. Excellent acting,” “My favorite movie of Lee Byung Hun thus far,” and “The traditional clothing and props were so beautiful”.

The box office hit movie Masquerade is also to be made into a stage production in Korea with different ending.

The play Masquerade will hold its opening show on February 23 at Dongsoong Art center.

Along with his successful score in Japan, Lee Byung Hun is anticipating his worldwide release of his Hollywood movie G.I. Joe 2 on March 28.

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