[News] Moses Chan Pursues his Coffee Tycoon Dream.

[News] Moses Chan Pursues his Coffee Tycoon Dream.
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Moses Chan’s (陳豪) café in Malaysia may have closed down because of business failure, but that does not stop the award-winning actor for spreading his love for coffee to the world. Nor does it stop him from pursuing his own dream of being a coffee tycoon!

Earlier, Moses and two other estate agents spent almost an entire day looking at some empty shops in Hong Kong. The trio met up at a pub in Lan Kwai Fong and took a gander at some nearby empty shops. The trio met up again at an empty shop in Central’s Soho district a few hours later, where Moses took a look at two pub establishments. Moses also surveyed the pub’s kitchen environments, and took note of the shop’s surrounding traffic and pedestrian flow.

In the early afternoon, Moses and his two estate agents arrived at an empty shop in Causeway Bay’s Gloucester Road. Moses and the estate agents spent nearly three hours discussing about the shop’s technical features and management. Allegedly, the monthly rental fee of the property cost over $380,000 HKD.

Moses confirmed that he is currently looking for a space to open up his new coffee shop business in Hong Kong. He stated, “I want to choose a popular district. The location is very important, and the shop must have at least an area of 1,000 square feet. I want my shop to include a coffee bar and a kitchen, and I’m expecting to invest at least an eight-figure sum.”

The actor will be investing in the business with a partner. Moses hopes to open a stylish and trendy coffee shop to sell his own brand of coffee. Besides coffee, Moses also wants his shop to serve food as well. “That way, the business can last longer,” said Moses.

East Week reported that Moses plan to share his new shop with girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺). Maybe this new coffee shop will be Aimee’s Valentine’s Day present?

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