[News] Rainie Yang and Prince’s Hawaii Photos Emerge.

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[News] Rainie Yang and Prince’s Hawaii Photos Emerge.
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Rainie Yang (杨丞琳) and JPM’s Prince (王子) were unable to take their Hawaii vacation in privacy as hoped. With their relationship now under intense scrutiny, Prince scrambled to explain that they were only good friends, but this did not stop their fans from attacking each other.

Rainie and Prince’s romantic rumors have headlined Taiwanese tabloids for half a year, but their Hawaii vacation was regarded as “concrete evidence” of their romance. It was understood that 24-year-old Prince had invited 29-year-old Rainie’s parents to join them on vacation although the Yangs declined. This led to speculations that Prince and Rainie are in a serious dating relationship.

After a photo of Rainie and Prince at the Honolulu Airport was exposed, another set of photos from their Hawaii vacation have emerged.  On February 18, Rainie and Prince were spotted at a coffee shop in Hawaii by a fan who quickly snapped photos.

Wearing sunglasses, Rainie and Prince stood out from the rest of the customers and were recognized as their celebrity selves. In the photos, Prince was holding onto two large shopping bags while Rainie sat at the table and turned her gaze towards Prince’s back.

The rumored relationship has already put fans in a testy state. Rushing to defend their idols, fans scolded each other in a discussion over “Who cannot match up to the other?”
Rainie urged her fans to stay calm. “Silence is golden. This is the best for me–do you understand? I believe some people will understand.” Rainie’s message was interpreted as trying to protect her relationship with Prince from further attack.

Prince attempted to pacify fans on Weibo by posting, “I know that everyone is trying to protect me, but I don’t wish for everyone to attack each other! I also don’t want the media to misinterpret your [words] either! [We're] just like normal friends, take it easy,” Prince explained his friendship with Rainie.

Both Rainie and Prince’s managers insisted that the pair are only friends and that they had traveled to Hawaii together with other friends.

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