[News] “Seo-young, My Daughter” Stays Strong on Weekly TV Chart.

Actor Lee Sang-yoon on the set of the KBS weekend series `Seo-young, My Daughter.` [KBS]
Actor Lee Sang-yoon on the set of the KBS weekend series "Seo-young, My Daughter." [KBS]

[News] “Seo-young, My Daughter” Stays Strong on Weekly TV Chart.
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The KBS weekend series “Seo-young, My Daughter” has continued topping the weekly TV ratings chart.

The tale of a broken family dominated the chart for the 18th week with 44.7 percent ratings during the week of January 28 to February 3, TNmS’ [Total National Multimedia Statistics] data showed on Monday.

The 50-episode series has driven on without a stop thanks to the cast`s outstanding work and the realistic and touching story about a broken relationship between a father and a daughter.

Sitting at the No. 2 spot is the KBS weekday series “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!,” which attracted an average of 30.8 percent ratings during the same time frame.

While the KBS primetime news show “KBS 9 o’clock News” climbed up to No. 3 with 21.8 percent ratings, the MBC historicalmedical series “The King’s Doctor” landed at No. 4 after earning 20.5 percent of viewers.

Comedian Kim Byung-man’s reality adventure “The Laws of the Jungle” dropped to the number five status after posting 19.9 percent ratings.

Other TV shows in the top ten were MBC weekend series “One Hundred Year’s Legacy,” KBS Sunday comedy show “Gag Concert,” SBS variety show “I Like Sundays,” KBS informative program “Beautiful World Gangwon” and MBC morning soap “Maybe Love.”

Menawhile, Nielsen Korea showed the top three programs in the same order yet slightly different figures from TNmS’ during the fifth week of January.

While “Seo-young” grabbed the top seed with 41.1 percent, “Cheer Up” and “KBS 9 o’clock News” followed next with 29.2 and 21.5 percent ratings, respectively.

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