[Interview] Park Shin Hye Talks about Her College Life.

[Interview] Park Shin Hye Talks about Her College Life. 
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Park Shin Hye is busy like she′s never been before. Her film, The Gift of Room 7, has shot past the 12 million mark, while tvN′s Flower Boys Next Door has also brought on a horde of love calls.

This is why it′s surprising to know that, amidst all the dazzle, Park Shin Hye has still managed to keep up with her schoolwork.

The actress recently met with enews to talk of how she felt about the conclusion of Flower Boys Next Door and the success of The Gift of Room 7.

When asked whether she finds it hard to keep up with her studies and her acting career at the same time, she answered, "I′m actually the type that can′t do two things at once. I didn′t have many problems until recently because I had adjusted my schedules nicely, but Flower Boys Next Door was hard to get around because [filming] started right after the midterms had ended."

Park Shin Hye currently majors in Theater and Art at Chung-Ang University, and she is in her last year. Though her graduation was postponed due to her full schedule, she′s still managed to keep her grade point average above at least 3.0, and has often shown her enthusiasm for school.

"Since I work so hard not to miss any classes, my agency hates it (Laugh)," she said. "My campus life wasn′t hampered by my work as an actress though."

She added, "When I was at school, I stayed up nights to study, built stages with my friends and had great things to eat; I think I′ve done everything except go on a blind date."

She finished, "I think I′ll have to graduate soon for my juniors. I need to write my thesis and I have an Asia tour coming up, but I′m very attached to my studies. I want to graduate properly."

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