[News] 2AM′s Jo Kwon Says He′ll Show Idols Can Act.

[News] 2AM′s Jo Kwon Says He′ll Show Idols Can Act.
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2AM′s Jo Kwon showed a confident attitude toward his upcoming role.

The singer spoke at the press conference for the upcoming KBS2 drama God of the Workplace held on March 25.

"I′ve been in All My Love and I have a kkap image on variety; I′m sure I′ll be able to show another, new side of myself through this full-length drama," he said.

He added, "There are people who are prejudiced against idols acting in films and dramas or singing in musicals, but I′ll show that I won′t fall under such controversies."

Jo Kwon will appear in the drama as Kye Kyung Woo, a hardworking employee. He is very polite, but changes completely when he′s drunk.

God of the Workplace is a remake of a Japanese drama that aired in 2007. It is about a woman who is so skilled in her work that she surpasses all other workers even though she′s a contract worker. It will air its first episode on April 1.

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