[News] Kim Hyo Jin Talks About Her Bed Scene With Actress Uhm Jung Hwa.

[News] Kim Hyo Jin Talks About Her Bed Scene With Actress Uhm Jung Hwa.
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Actress Kim Hyo Jin shares how she shot the lesbian scene with co-star Uhm Jung Hwa.

On March 26th, the press conference for upcoming movie “In My End is My Beginning” was held at the Lotte Cinema in Seoul.
On the event, which was not attended by two of the leading roles, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Hwang Jung Min due to schedule conflicts, Kim Hyo Jin commented on the controversial scene.

In the movie, the two play the role of two women who start a relationship, after a tragedy.

The actress said, “This was the most important scene of the movie, I was able to film the scene with the help of Uhm Jung Hwa senior.” She added, “I didn’t think of anything, and just focused in the scene, Uhm Jung Hwa senior took good care of me.”

“In My End is My Beginning” is about a woman Lee Jung Ha (Uhm Jung Hwa) who's husband Min Jae In (Hwang Jung Min) dies while he was away on trip. After her husband's death, the man's lover Kang Naru (Kim Hyo Jin) asks Lee Jung Ha to let her live in her house. After Lee Jung Ha accepts, the two then will start a relationship.

The story was originally shown as one of the 5 stories in the movie “The Five Senses of Eros” which premiered on 2009. Then the story was turned into a full length movie and premiered on the Busan International Film Festival in October 2009, and will finally premiere on theaters on April 4th, after 4 years of production.

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