[Photo & News] Kim Jae Joong Treats Fans to a 180-Minute Feast at Fan Meeting.

[Photo & News] Kim Jae Joong Treats Fans to a 180-Minute Feast at Fan Meeting.
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A delicacy is defined as a highly quality food made of only the finest ingredients. It’s fair to say that JYJ member Kim Jae Joong’s Shanghai fan meeting and concert was a delicacy, as he treated fans to a scrumptious feast.

Kim Jae Joong held a fan meeting and concert on his Your, My and Mine Asia tour at the Shanghai Gymnasium on March 17. The show, which gathered 5,000 passionate fans, was split into three parts, ‘Your,’ part one of the fan meeting, ‘My,’ part two of the fan meeting, and ‘Mine,’ the mini concert. Fans took part in the 180-minute event, which revealed aspects of Kim Jae Joong not as a JYJ member but as an artist.

Kim Jae Joong resonates with fans

Kim Jae Joong set out to display his outgoing side at his fan meeting and concert this time around, because he wanted to show what it means to really communicate with his fans.

During the Q&A session, Kim Jae Joong tested the depths of his fans’ knowledge of everything Kim Jae Joong, with questions related to the smallest details about himself to memories the fans have shared with him. Whenever the fans would answer correctly, Kim Jae Joong would cheer, and if they answered incorrectly, he would jump up in exclamation.

After what seemed to be an unending round of rock, paper, scissors, Kim Jae Joong selected three random fans from the 5,000-member audience. Kim Jae Joong even called a lone male fan, who was seen cheering the singer on in the sea of mostly female fans, up on stage to present him with a small gift.

Above all else, Kim Jae Joong’s transformation into a chef was the highlight of the night. Kim Jae Joong strapped on a floral print apron and attempted to cook up rabokki (ramen and tteokbokki) on the spot.After driving fans wild with his rendition of the ‘giyomi song,’ Kim Jae Joong then picked three lucky fans from the audience and fed them his homemade dish.

Rocker Kim Jae Joong drives the fans wild

Immediately following the fan meeting, Kim Jae Joong launched into the mini concert. Kim Jae Joong not only sang I from his first solo mini album, which was released in January earlier this year, he performed a total of nine songs, including fan-recommended songs by other artists.

After singing One Kiss and My Only Comfort , Kim Jae Joong introduced himself as “Rocker Kim Jae Joong,” revealing his toned body in a sheer T-shirt and white pants. Kim Jae Joong’s style on stage often becomes a hot topic, and his stage costume that day was no exception.

The show continued with performances of Kim Kwang Seok’s rock version of But I Love You, Im Jae Bum’s For You, The One’s Can’t Let You Go and Lee Sun Hee’s I Will Always Miss You. Kim Jae Joong also performed I’ll Protect You from his drama Protect the Boss as well as encore songs All Alone and Mine, heating up the stage with his rocker instincts.

“I had a good time today from the fan meeting to the mini concert,” said Kim Jae Joong before wrapping up the show. “Thank you for taking time out [to come]. I will continue to work hard to spend more time with you all through good music and come back.”


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