[News] Kim Nam Gil , Son Ye Jin & Goo Hara to appear together in “Shark” new KBS drama.


[News] Kim Nam Gil , Son Ye Jin & Goo Hara to appear together in “Shark” new KBS drama.
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KBS revenge drama "Shark" is after both Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin to headline. Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin’s reps confirm that it’s a drama they’re looking at, but say that it’s just one of many potential projects.

According to reports, the actors are the main candidates to star in a new KBS monday-tuesday drama named “Shark.”

“Shark” will be written and directed by the team who did the 2005 drama “Resurrection,” the 2007 “Devil,” “Fermentation Family” and more.

The production of the drama, is in its early stages, therefore not much was revealed about the drama. Only that it would have a theme like the dramas mentioned above.


Also in casting talks are industry veterans such as Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin. Goo Hara, recently received an offer for ‘Shark’ and has finished a meeting with the producers,” said a broadcast worker. “She has already unofficially been casted into the drama.”

This will be Hara’s first drama after 2011′s ‘City Hunter‘. “Nothing is confirmed, but we are optimistic,” DSP Media, KARA’s agency, revealed.

‘Shark’ is slated to have its first broadcast sometime in May.

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