[News] Li Bingbing learns to be grateful.


[News] Li Bingbing learns to be grateful.
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It's not easy living in a foreign land, especially when you're a celebrity in your own country that is restarting her career in Hollywood.

According to Women of China, mainland Chinese actress Li Bingbing recently revealed that she has learned to be more independent and confident during her stay five-month stay in Los Angeles while filming and promoting her Hollywood movie, "Resident Evil: Retribution".

At the film's press conference, the actress stated, "I plucked up my courage to give up something and do what I want to do in America after finishing my performance in the Hollywood film "Resident Evil: Retribution". I worked and lived in a foreign country while acting in the film. It motivated me to learn English further."

Li revealed that she had to deal with several changes in her lifestyle, including renting an apartment, cooking and getting a driving license.

However, the actress expressed that the changes helped her to learn to cherish what she had and to be grateful.

Li stated, "I didn't appreciate the things that my family or colleagues did for me before. But when I was alone over there, my mind was filled with all their kindness towards me and after going through all that, I feel more confident to face my future."

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