[News] “New World” Sold to France, Germany.

Korean film actors Choi Min-sik (left) and Lee Jung-jae (right) on the set of `New World,` which opened at local theaters on February 21, 2013. [Finecut]
Korean film actors Choi Min-sik (left) and Lee Jung-jae (right) on the set of "New World," which opened at local theaters on February 21, 2013. [Finecut]

[News] “New World” Sold to France, Germany.

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Korean hit film noir “New World” has scooped up two additional distribution deals overseas, raising the bar of its worldwide success and the birth of a new auteur.

The film’s international sales company Finecut announced on March 11 that director Park Hun-jung’s phenomenal work was sold to TF1 for the French speaking territories and to MFA Film Distribution for the German speaking territories in Europe.

Christian Meinke, owner of MFA, unveiled his sense of pride of acquiring the film, saying “’New World’ is something extraordinary: never boring, always surprising, a very original plot acted out by great actors.”

He continued to express his admiration for the film, “it is a somewhat perfect, mature film, a pleasure to watch. It could become a classic in its genre, a remake with western actors could make it a worldwide success.”

“With ‘The Unjust’ and ‘I Saw the Devil’ [two films for which Park wrote the scenarios], Park proved himself as a terrific writer and story teller. With 'New World,' he is set to prove he is one of the new names in Korean cinema,” said Laurent Campagne, Director of Acquisitions of TF1.

Starring A-list film stars Lee Jung-jae, Hwang Jung-min and Choi Min-sik, the movie centers around a detective, Ja-sung [Lee], who goes undercover into a notorious gang group. There he develops a friendship with the group’s second-in-command, Jung Chung [Hwang] as the secret investigation’s operator Kang [Choi] plans to arrest the whole gang group.

While the movie dominated the local box office three weeks in a row since its opening on February 21, pulling in over 3.4 million moviegoers in 20 days, the film will open in North American theaters on March 22 by U.S. distributor Well Go USA Entertainment.

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