[VOD & News] “Inferno 3D” Releases Exciting First Trailer.


[VOD & News] “Inferno 3D” Releases Exciting First Trailer.
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The Pang Brothers have recently released a string of promotional stills, theatrical posters, and a teaser trailer for their new film, Inferno 3D <逃出生天>, a 3D fire disaster film starring Sean Lau (劉青雲), Louis Koo (古天樂), and Angelica Lee (李心潔).

The $150 million HKD thriller film tells the tale of two firefighter brothers, portrayed by Sean and Louis, and their missions in saving the city of Guangzhou from crumbling to a pile of ashes. Three teaser posters featuring Sean and Louis were released. Six climactic photo stills were also released to accompany the one-minute action-packed teaser trailer.

The exciting trailer includes shots of collapsing buildings, underwater scenes, and stunt sequences of the main leads dangling on the edge of a building and a tower crane.
“I had to face explosions on set almost every day,” Louis disclosed. The actor joked that all the smoke had caused his lungs to turn black.

The actor also revealed that he almost turned down the offer to film Inferno 3D. Ironically, Louis, who plays a fireman in the film, had almost caught himself in fire when he was younger. “When I was around six to seven years old, I burned my left leg. My eyebrows and hair also almost caught fire. I had to strip down all my clothes. Many people told me not to film such a dangerous movie! Honestly, I was really scared when shooting the movie. I’ve seen a cameraman caught on fire before.”

On portraying brothers with Sean, Louis laughed, “We are both very dark! It makes us very convincing as brothers!”

Although Sean and Louis had collaborated many times before, the onscreen partners managed to spark out different chemistry each time. Louis said, “Last time [in Overheard], our characters schemed. This time, we argue as estranged brothers.

Next time, we should be just be enemies so I can hit him for good!”
A release date for Inferno 3D has not been formally announced, but the Pang Brothers hinted that the film may hit theaters by October 2013.

“Inferno 3D” Trailer

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