[News] Park Shi Hoo, The Messy Fight "Where is the Truth?".

[News] Park Shi Hoo, The Messy Fight "Where is the Truth?".
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What will be the fate of Park Shi Hoo and the woman who is accusing him of rape?

** Was there Traces of Drugs in the Soju?

Woman B had known K, Park Shi Hoo's friend. B introduced K to woman A, the woman accusing Park Shi Hoo of rape, after he requested for an introduction. A and K kept in touch constantly and built up their friendly relationship.

On February 14, K called A out for drinks with Park Shi Hoo. Park Shi Hoo also showed up to the bar after K told him there is somebody he should meet.

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After meeting at a café, they moved to a bar with a private room to drink after being noticed by too many civilians. A appeared at the bar to meet Park Shi Hoo and K later on. The time the three met at the bar is approximately 11PM on the night of February 14. Since Park Shi Hoo is not strong with alcohol and K had a minor surgery coming up, they ordered soju mixed with fruit vinegar. They shared 2 bottles of the fruit soju.

The time they leave the bar is approximately 1:50AM February 15. They end up going to Park Shi Hoo's place. All three get out of the car in the underground parking at his apartment. They fall asleep at Park Shi Hoo's place sometime between 2:10~2:20AM.

A left Park Shi Hoo's place on February 15, at 3PM. A has been captured by security cameras surrounding Park Shi Hoo's place. K left before A, at around 1PM. Later on, K and A communicate through Kakaotalk messaging and speak about what happened the night before. After A spoke with woman B about what happened, A decides to go to the police on February 15 to report that she had been raped. The police guided her to a women's center to receive blood and urine tests.

At the bar on February 14, three people shared 2 bottles but A claims to have lost consciousness on the way to Park Shi Hoo's place. The police have collected A's hair, blood and urine to test for any traces of drugs. As a response, representatives of Park Shi Hoo provided videos of A walking out of the bar completely fine. However, 10 or 20 minutes after they left the bar, the security cameras at Park Shi Hoo's place show K carrying A on his back. A also stated, "There is no way I could get drunk after sharing only 2 bottles of soju" and "I realized I was raped when I woke up."

Tests only showed traces of Park Shi Hoo's DNA but no drugs. However, representatives of A stated, "It has been reported that date rape drugs leave the body after 24 hours have passed" and "We can't forget about the possibility of drugs since A claims she is a heavy drinker."

** Rumors of A Being a Scam Artist?

The rumors about A trying to scam Park Shi Hoo began to spread after representatives of Park Shi Hoo released more conversations shared over Kakaotalk messaging. A news media source revealed that A had previously done the same thing to a man. A had told a man "I think I'm pregnant" and "Take responsibility" to a man she had sexual intercourse with.

Park Shi Hoo's representatives claimed that A is only after his money since it is ridiculous to suspect signs of pregnancy not even 24 hours after sexual intercourse. However, A's representatives stated that A had brought up pregnancy in her conversation with K while she was with the police when she spoke about signs of a pregnancy since they suggested her to keep a natural conversation going back and forth.

Also, it has been reported by representatives of Park Shi Hoo that A requested a very large amount of money to settle the case. Park Shi Hoo offered $100,000 but A requested more, which is when the possibility of a settlement ended.

** Did Something Happen Between Park Shi Hoo and the CEO of his Previous Agency?

In a Kakaotalk conversation, woman B had stated "Hold on, I'm talking to the CEO of Park Shi Hoo's previous agency about how to bring down Park Shi Hoo", "Park Shi Hoo will be begging on his knees so go to the police for now" and "The CEO of Park Shi Hoo's previous agency is really mad after being betrayed by Park Shi Hoo so we'll work with him to bring down Park Shi Hoo".

Representatives of Park Shi Hoo filed another lawsuit against the CEO of Eyagi Entertainment, Park Shi Hoo's previous entertainment agency. Park Shi Hoo's representatives stated that they have evidence that will be a deciding factor in the case.

The police are remaining silent after every little detail is made public and exaggerated.

** Park Shi Hoo's Career, Is it the End of it All?

If the court says Park Shi Hoo is innocent, he will be able to sue A for false accusation and slander. On the other hand, if the court says he is guilty of rape, he will not be able to avoid lawful punishment.

Both Park Shi Hoo and woman A have lost a lot throughout this process. Even if Park Shi Hoo is proven to be innocent, countless people will relate his name to the rape case and he might even be forced to end his acting career. Woman A will also be negatively affected regardless of the results since the details of her life have all been released to the public. The results of this case will decide what their fate holds.

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