[News] Park Si-hoo Files Countercharge with False Accusation.

[News] Park Si-hoo Files Countercharge with False Accusation.

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Korean actor Park Si-hoo, who is suspected of raping a would-be actress, has filed a countercharge against the woman citing false accusation.

The actor’s attorney brought the counter action against the woman who accused Park of rape as well as her friend and C.E.O of Park’s former agency, Eyagi Entertainment, citing false accusation, attempted threat and defamation via publication, Korean press outlets reported on March 4.

Park’s attorney claimed that the three parties, including the woman’s senior friend who had been insisting that she heard about the allged rape from the woman right after the incident, conspired together to extort settlement money from Park.

Eyagi Entertainment stated its official position saying that, “our C.E.O had nothing to do with Park facing a lawsuit with rape. We feel very sorry about the situation since we made a lot of effort for a satisfactory settlement of the incident. We’ll do our best to regain our honor and restrore our reputation when we get summoned.”

The “Cheongdam-dong Alice” actor has been accused of rape by a 22-year-old would-be actress mid-February. The woman said she was drunk when she was raped at Park’s house on February 15, and also accused Park’s colleague of sexual molestation.

The two suspects denied the rape charge at the police investigation on March 1 which lasted almost 10 hours, The investigation had been delayed several times at the request of Park.

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