[News] Reporter countersues Lee Mi-suk.

[News] Reporter countersues Lee Mi-suk.
Cr. - Joonang Ilbo

Veteran actress Lee Mi-suk is being countersued for defamation by a reporter from Newsis.

The journalist, surnamed Yu, was sued by Lee for libel in January 2012 after reporting that Lee had an “inappropriate relationship” with a male host 17 years her junior.

Lee recently dropped the suit, but Yu is fighting back.

“Lee distributed a press release with false information to local media from May to July last year in which [Lee] falsely argued that [Yu] repeated what was alleged by her former management agency,” Yu said in a petition filed yesterday with prosecutors. “This is libel as Lee distributed false information to slander [Yu].”

Yu also said that Lee earlier filed a legal petition to avoid public blame for dating a younger man.

“Lee knew the media report was true, but she filed a petition [for the libel suit] to shift blame from herself,” Yu said.

In an initial ruling, a court said Lee had insufficient evidence to file suit against Yu, and the actress soon dropped the case.

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