[News] Song Seung Hun’s Fantasy about Marriage is Dying.

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[News] Song Seung Hun’s Fantasy about Marriage is Dying.
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Now at the ripe age of 36, Song Seung Hun shared that he doesn’t think he can get married.

On March 27, Song Seung Hun and the staff and cast of SBS’ upcoming drama When a Man Falls in Love attended a press conference held at the 63City Juniper Hall in Yeouido.

During the press conference, Song Seung Hun was asked if he was planning on getting married any time soon.

“I currently don’t have any plans, but I don’t think I can,” stated the actor, making the reporters laugh. “My fantasy on marriage is slowly disappearing. All the women that I’ve dated, I met them without marriage in mind.”

He admitted that his has a small dream to live for one woman and their children. “But that’s not a small dream and I think it will be very hard. None of the married people around me have suggested marriage.”

But then there was his best friend, Kwon Sang Woo.
“Sang Woo loves [marriage]. He’s the only one that love marred life. He’s always showing me his son’s pictures.”

When a Man Falls in Love will begin on April 3, starring Shin Se Kyung, Yeon Woo Jin, and Choi Jung Ahn.

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