[News] Vanness Wu wants kids.

[News] Vanness Wu wants kids.
Cr. - Groove Asia

28 Feb Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu is happy to be in a stable relationship with heiress girlfriend, Arissa Cheo, but also longs to become a father of six.

Groove Asia website reported that at a charity event held in Taipei on 23 February, the singer revealed his dream to become a father, and expressed, "I want to have six kids, but I am worried that I will be too old and have no energy to play with them by that time."

The 34 year-old singer added that his girlfriend also likes children, but expressed that they are not planning to get married in the near future.

The F4 member stated, "In my early 20s, I planned to get married by 25. But then I was 28, and it still didn't happen. So now, I don't set a time limit anymore."

However, marriage plans aside, Vanness assures that he and Arissa, daughter of a wealthy Singapore businessman, intend to marry. Just not anytime soon.

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