[News] "All About My Love Life" Love and Politics? How This Story Could Improve.

"All About My Love Life" Love and Politics? How This Story Could Improve

[News] "All About My Love Life" Love and Politics? How This Story Could Improve.
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SBS "All About My Love Life" is very similar to "Protect the Boss" but will it become just as popular? More fantasy?

Politicians and Love, are these things that are very hard to co-exist in a comical drama?

The 2nd episode of "All About My Love Life" received a viewing rate of 5.5%, which is a 1.9% decline from the first episode. MBC's "When a Man Falls in Love" received 11.4% while KBS's "IRIS 2" received 9.7%. SBS's "All About My Love Life" ranked last among Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

In "All About My Love Life", politicians do anything in their power to get ahead. They even meet at a bar surrounded by women to discuss their secret plans. This drama seems to feature certain corruptions in the society and the establishment of members in the official government.

Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) is a member of the ruling party but criticizes his own party during a public debate. Even though he is an outsider who does not even participate in political decision making, he is constantly on the lookout for an opportunity. Kim Soo Young is portrayed as an awkward person who is basically an outcast.

The character No Min Young played by Lee Min Jung, is naïve and always righteous. Whenever she goes to an interview, she gets rejected 100% of the time. The jobs she barely scored were temporary ones and finally a seat in a conservative party with only two seats in the House.

Viewers seem to be having a hard time accepting a political figure who is an outcast in the society. They also have a bit of a hard time accepting Lee Min Jung's character, No Min Young, who yells out justice at the end of her every sentence. It doesn't seem realistic since No Min Young seems neither liberal nor conservative but demands only justice, making her character hard to relate.

Or maybe the bigger problem at hand is that the viewers are having a hard time watching a drama that is filled with corruptions and problems as our actual society is. In a tough economy as the one we're experiencing now, people may just simply want a fantasy-romantic-comedy. By seeing that "When a Man Falls in Love" is drawing attention from the viewers, people still prefer to see fantasy in a drama rather than a mirror image of the reality.

As the story develops more, we will find out whether this story will take a turn for the better.

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