[News] “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!” Continues Winning Streak.

Actor Yang Ji-nu on the set of the KBS drama `Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!` [KBS]
Actor Yang Ji-nu on the set of the KBS drama "Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!" [KBS]

[News] “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!” Continues Winning Streak.
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The KBS family drama “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!” has continued to top the weekly TV chart four weeks in a row.

The daily drama series grabbed the biggest number of audiences last week with an average of 29.9 percent ratings during the week of March 25 and 31, TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics] showed on Monday.

In last week’s episodes, Taepyeong’s [Kim Dong-wan] birth mother revealed the secret to the father and regretted her decision to abandon him in the past.

Next up on the chart is the KBS weekend series “You Are The Best!,” which pulled in an average of 27.0 percent of viewers, breaking its own record set last week.

While the MBC drama “One Hundred Year’s Legacy” ranked at No. 3 with an average of 21.7 percent ratings, the same channel’s morning soap “Maybe Love” landed at the following spot after drawing in an average of 20.8 percent of viewers.

Rounding off the top five is the SBS revenge drama “Queen of Ambition,” which posted an average of 19.9 percent ratings in the same time frame.

Other notable TV programs included the KBS news show “KBS 9 o’clock News,” MBC's live broadcast of “2014 Brazil World Cup Asia Final Pre-round 'Korea Vs. Qatar',” the MBC medical epic “The King’s Doctor,” the SBS real variety “The Laws of the Jungle” and the MBC daily series “Oh Ja-ryong is Coming.”

Meanwhile, Nielsen Korea showed the top three programs in the same order yet a bit lower figures from those of TNmS during the fourth week of March.

While “Cheer Up” stood at the top with 27.8 percent, “You Are The Best!” and “One Hundred Years’ Legacy” followed next with 25.1 and 20.6 percent ratings, respectively.

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