[News] "Cruel Palace - War of Flowers" Kim Hyun-joo.

[News] "Cruel Palace - War of Flowers" Kim Hyun-joo.
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Kim Hyun-joo confessed that she's really happy because of Yam-jeon.

The JTBC weekend drama had a previewing event in North Jeolla Buan.

Kim Hyun-joo said, "I am happy these days to be in the drama. I am having fun and the response is good too. The process of creating something better with the cast and staff is great".

"The part where Yam-jeon goes into the palace was interesting. The way she is so bold and undefeated in front of the court ladies is fun".

"I like the way Nam-hyeok's (Jun Tae-soo) romance gives me the mellow feeling. It was sad though. It is useful to think about it when I need to make myself weaker for a different scene".

"Cruel Palace - War of Flowers" is a drama about the king's women who fight for power and authority within the palace. It can be seen every Saturday and Sunday at 8:45PM.

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