[News] ‘IRIS 2' Actos' new photos revealed.

[News] ‘IRIS 2' Actos' new photos revealed.
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New photos of 'IRIS 2' actors were revealed.

Recently, new photos of 'IRIS 2' actors that were taken during their breaks were revealed. In the photos, the actors seem to be having a great time together, and the atmosphere seems full of energy.

While Lim Soo Hyang(casting as Kim Yeon Hwa) is posing like she is ready for a fight at any time, and Jang Hyuk(casting as Jung Yu Gun) is raising his hands in front of director Kim Tae Hoon, who is aiming a gun at him.

Furthermore, Lee Jun(casting as Yoon Si Hyuk) and Yoon Dujun(casting as Seo Hyun Woo)'s handsome looks are also drawing many people's attention.

An official said, "The actors are showing a great team work with themselves and also with other staffs. When the camera gets on, they show amazing concentrations, and many staffs always get deeply impressed."

On the other hand, the suspense in 'IRIS 2' is getting more intense as Jung Yu Gun's will for revenge keeps growing.

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