[News] Park Shi Hoo's Representatives Continue Their Fight.

[News] Park Shi Hoo's Representatives Continue Their Fight.
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Actor Park Shi Hoo's legal representatives released an official statement regarding the conclusion of the police investigation. Through a press release on April 2, Park Shi Hoo's representatives stated that there is no way they will accept the conclusion of the investigation by the police.

The statement was released soon after the Seoul police have submitted their investigation reports to the prosecutors. The police report stated that Park Shi Hoo does indeed rape the woman while she was unconscious.

Park Shi Hoo's representatives added, "Even during the confrontation, woman A constantly led the conversation towards her advantage by changing her statements. Her credibility should be taken into consideration."

Park Shi Hoo's legal representatives also stated, "Instead of taking a neutral stance, the police are acting as though they are representing the accuser. They have been releasing statements about Park Shi Hoo to the public and violated his basic constitutional rights. We have filed a petition to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission."

They continued, "MBC concluded that woman A is not after Park Shi Hoo's money after considering the fact that the woman called the police and went to get tested. But we are thinking of the chance that she is lying about the presence of drugs in order to push through her case. Her request for an incredibly large amount of money supports this possible scenario."

Park Shi Hoo's representatives added that they will continue their fight to bring out the truth.

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