[News] Takeshi Kaneshiro chases after one-armed killer Donnie Yen in new movie

1967's The One-Armed Swordsman

[News] Takeshi Kaneshiro chases after one-armed killer Donnie Yen in new movie
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Several news sources reported yesterday that Hong Kong director Peter Chan plans to remake the 1967 Shaw Brothers classic, The One-Armed Swordsman (獨臂刀). Filming is expected to begin in August with Takeshi Kaneshiro and Donnie Yen in the lead roles. Interestingly, the rights to remake the original has already been purchased by another film company. As a result, Peter Chan’s production won't be allowed to use the same name, and will need to come up with a new story based on the original.

Takeshi Kaneshiro played a detective in 2004's House of Flying Daggers.

In the new film, Super Hot Takeshi Kaneshiro will play a detective chasing after Universe Strongest one-armed swordsman Donnie Yen. In contrast to the heroic roles he usually plays, Donnie Yen will overturn his image to become a ruthless serial killer! His character is a man who has been wanted by the government for half his life. During an escape, he meets a detective played by Takeshi Kaneshiro, who guided him back to the right path in the end.

Donnie Yen carried around 14 blades in...14 Blades.

Director Peter Chan believes Takeshi Kaneshiro is a perfect fit to play the role of the detective. They previously collaborated on 2007's The Warlords, and will work with Donnie Yen for the first time. Since Donnie Yen is also the stunt coordinator of this movie, his costar Takeshi Kaneshiro is expected to undergo some martial arts training before filming begins.

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