[News] Is Vic Zhou dating his ex co-star Reen Yu?

[News] Is Vic Zhou dating his ex co-star Reen Yu?
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The actress claims to be dating a 30-year-old artiste and many are assuming that her suspected beau is none other than Vic Zhou.

Even before the dust of his previous scandal with Bowie Tsang has settled, Vic Zhou, is now rumoured to be dating Reen Yu, his 24-year-old co-star in the drama, Black & White.

It is reported that the 24-year-old actress who is currently filming her new drama, complained that she has "no chemistry" with co-star Sunny Wang. Using personal reasons as excuses, Reen refused to cooperate with the filming schedules' changes on several occasions and appeared to be busy with her phone during break times.

The crew revealed that the actress once boasted about her relationship status and claimed that her 30-year-old boyfriend is also an artiste, a Gemini, and drives a Lamborghini, sparking off speculations that the man in question refers to her Black & White co-star, Vic.

Responding to the rumours, Reen clarified that the pair "seldom contact each other" and are "just friends". She added that the car owner mentioned referred to her "brother's good friend" and not 30-year-old Vic.

Vic's manager emphasized that the actor has yet to change his car (to a Lamborghini) and asked everyone to "treat the rumours as a joke and forget about it after laughing".

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