[VOD / Photo & News] Singaporean team behind S.H.E Ella Chen’s wedding shoot.

[VOD / Photo & News] Singaporean team behind S.H.E Ella Chen’s wedding shoot.
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Betcha didn't know the people behind the lens for Ella Chen's wedding photoshoot at Guam and her recent engagement in Ping Tung, Taiwan, was done by a team of Singaporean photographers, led by Anthony Levi Kho from Let There Be Light.

Anthony and a team of videographers from Vocare Media Production spent a total of six days in Guam for the pre-wedding bridal shoot which was done in-between the filming for her new EP, Thick Skin, and the Ping Tung ceremony was done by Vocare Media Production and a team of photographers (Anthony, Gabriel Mendes, Ron Lee from EyeDeas Photography and William Chua Photography) led by Anthony.

In a phone interview with xinmsn, Anthony shared that it was easy to capture the "fun couple", Ella and her fiance Alvin Lai, in their candid moments.

"Everything's easy. It helps that she knows her best angles, and we just have to use her best angles and complete it with some of our photography style," he quipped.

Set to bring a team of four photographers from Wedding Photographers Network to cover Ella's actual wedding day in Taipei on May 5, Anthony said, "In Taipei we don't need so many people 'cos it'll just be a dinner. They told us the press will be divided to another level so let's hope for the best. In Malacca where all the bridesmaids, haggling and fetching ceremony will take place, it will be an eight-member team instead."

Not his first time working with Asian celeb couples, Anthony told xinmsn that he previously shot Blackie Chen and Christine Fan's wedding, Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei's top-secret Sanya wedding in Hainan last year, as well as ex-MTV VJ Jason Tang's big day.

For those wondering how all these work opportunities with regional superstars came about, Anthony told us it all started in 2008 during his first shoot with Blackie in Singapore.

"He told me 'Why not go over to have a look at the market there?' So I started traveling to and fro Taiwan at his advice and we started getting more jobs there. We shoot between these two countries and started to shoot in Hong Kong and China last year for weddings and corporate jobs," he said.

Ella's wedding photography gig came along after he worked with her on the behind-the-scenes photography for her recent movie with Vic Zhou and Xiao Xiao Bin, Perfect Two.

Anthony shared, "We became better friends at Da S wedding. I chatted with her when we were working on Perfect Two and asked her what she was looking for in her wedding photography."

When we asked if it was stressful to cover their weddings, Anthony chuckled in reply and quipped, "The scary one I shot was Blackie's wedding 'cos of the press present. When we were shooting their church ceremony, we had to fight with the press for space although we were allocated positions for it.

"It was especially chaotic when the couple came out from the car to enter the church. We had to squeeze with the relatives and the press (laughs)."

He added that the "quick and short turnover time" is the most challenging aspect of covering these celebs' weddings, "You need to shoot, pick and send out photos to the press immediately. The usual turnaround time for normal weddings takes more than a month, but for the stars, it's on the day itself."

Ella Chen and Alvin Lai's wedding shoot in Guam.

Ella Chen and Alvin Lai's engagement ceremony in Ping Tung.

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